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CADArtifex LLC is an independent publisher of Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Engineering textbooks. The company was founded by Sandeep Dogra, in the year 2015, with a vision to provide the best quality of learning solutions to engineering students and professionals.

In a short span of time, CADArtifex has established its pioneering presence in worldwide markets by publishing high quality engineering textbooks on various CAD/CAM/CAE applications.


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Students and Faculty can download all parts/models used in the illustrations, Tutorials and Exercises (Hand-On Test Drives) of the book by login to the account. In addition, faculty can also download PowerPoint Presentation (PPTs) of the book.


If you are a new users, you need to register in., our website for downloading the free learning resources... By registering as a Student or Faculty, you will be able of access Student or Faculty resources, respectively.

Free learning resources includes:

  • All Models/parts used in the illustrations of the book
  • All Hand-on text drives (exercises) used in the book
  • PowerPoint Presentation (PPTs) of each chapter for faculty only
  • All Tutorials used in the book All Tutorials used in the book

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  • This is a very good book for beginners like myself! In each chapter, the author goes over the materials covered and then step-by-step tutorials and hands-on exercises! It would be better if the author added one tutorial for one section covered in each chapter! I know the book would be thicker! Anyway, this book is a must-have for any beginner! I really enjoy it

    Andy Quan Quang Mai
  • Finally! A text book with well designed tutorials and documentation that I can use to understand Fusion 360’s tools. This is the third reference book I have on Fusion 360’ and I finally have what I was looking for

    John Meehan
  • Really detailed book. For beginners is perfect. If you learn it you will have solid knowledge how to work with autocad.

  • I have zero background in CAD/CAM software. I tried to watch some Youtube videos but they are scattered all over the place and while you can pick up a technique here or there...what I really needed was a book that started from the start

  • What a great book! this is just what i was looking for. Previously I had bought a book that had loads of examples to do. The problem with that is that you are limited by your own knowledge of the software. This book takes you through all the commands in a logical way. Also I wanted to get to grips with Assembly commands and then what I call the output commands ie Drawings.


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